OpenAI Certification Courses: A Path to AI Developer

Hello OpenAI Community,

I am thrilled to be a part of this innovative and dynamic community, and I would like to bring up a suggestion that I believe could greatly benefit all of us. Given the rapid growth of the AI industry and the increasing demand for skilled AI professionals, I propose that OpenAI should consider developing a comprehensive certification program, ranging from beginner to developer levels, to provide training and education in the field of artificial intelligence.

By offering certification courses, OpenAI could help individuals gain the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute effectively to AI development and application, while also fostering increased collaboration with industry leaders. This initiative could have several key benefits:

  1. Encouraging the development of a skilled workforce that can contribute to the AI field.
  2. Boosting employment opportunities for individuals seeking high-paying jobs in AI.
  3. Enhancing collaboration with heavy player companies, ensuring employees receive training and development in AI technologies.
  4. Offering an alternative to traditional academic degrees, with practical, hands-on training tailored to real-world situations.
  5. Strengthening the OpenAI community by attracting more talent and facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration.

In order to maintain the quality and rigor of the certification courses, clear prerequisites should be established for each level, ensuring that participants have the necessary background and skills to succeed. This would also enable individuals to progress through the program at their own pace, gaining confidence and expertise as they advance.

I believe that such a certification program would not only provide valuable opportunities for individuals and businesses but also contribute to the overall growth and success of the OpenAI community and the AI industry as a whole.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this proposal, and I am eager to engage in a constructive discussion on the potential benefits and implementation strategies for such a certification program. Together, we can shape the future of AI education and contribute to the development of a thriving and competitive AI ecosystem.

Thank you for considering my suggestion, and I look forward to our fruitful discussion.

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I fully support this idea!

Certification would open a potential for training a new field of experts, which is definitely needed.


Amazing idea, and definitely something worth doing.


Great idea! Looking forward to this course!

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Intersting idea! What are your latest development in this area?

Best regards


This idea is exactly what I am looking for! How can I support it. Have there been any developments yet?


Support this and i will enroll right away !
Certification will boost new jobs on AI

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Hi! My name is Sam Brocal and I am the CEO of MeasureUp. I came across this thread while doing some research into including Open AI practice tests in our portfolio next year.

I would love to talk to those involved in the creation of the certification path and to become your official partner, just as we have done in the past years for Microsoft, Cisco or VmWare.

Being your official partner would mean that we’d work together to create the best prep material, while at the same time maintaining the integrity of the exam, so all your students can prepare to successfully pass the exam.

Let me know if you are interested in talking about this opportunity.



Hey Sam, welcome to the community forum!

There are no OpenAI certification courses, and we can’t really help you with any form of “official partnership” here on the forum.

I’ll suggest that you contact if you’d like to talk to openAI about it :laughing:


Great, thank you for the feedback and directions.


I provide training programs on GenAI in general and ChatGPT plus in particular

  1. a 3-hour awareness session
  2. 1 full day immersion session with handson for participants

All my programs are live - 3-hour awareness can be done online or in-person. Full day program is done only in-person as handson for participants are required.

How can I collaborate with OpenAI to enhance this program, and ensure it has better reach.

Great question my friend!

And welcome to the developer community forum! If you want to talk to openAI directly, I’ll suggest you contact

In your case my best advice would be to contact and see if their ambassador program is the right thing for you:

Hope that helps :heart:


Has there been any movement on this certificate and training?


Please, it would be great that someone within OpenAI confirm if there is (or not) any iniciative towards developing an Education area.
Microsoft has its AI-Engineer certificate for openai+azure, but it would be fabulous an OpenAI certification.
At least at the beginning develop that course/certification in partnership with someone.



Having some sort of trust / guarantee that you are hiring a skilled engineer who knows what they’re doing is a very understandable need, but is yet another certification program really the best way to do that?

Apart from the semi-philosophical discussion of whether this style of certifications have strong correlation with one’s performance in the role in practice, this kind of trainings are usually done by b2b enterprise corporations, akin to Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Oracle etc.


OpenAI seems to be more oriented towards creating functional prototypes and allowing people to use them rather than creating enterprise solutions at the moment.

  • Having a certification program would also mean they need to allocate a good amount of human resources to create, maintain, promote, teach, and coach such certification programs.
  • Such a certification program would not result in OpenAI’s products being better. It seems that OpenAI keeps having an edge in the AI race because of their ability to implement research into product fast. Their narrow focus and fast pace is their strongest element, and a certification program would help neither of the two.

Even if they would decide to offer such training, the pace of innovation is so fast, that:

  1. OpenAI would need to update it quite often
  2. Whatever certification you get now could be semi-obsolete in a year

So, while it might (or might not) be a good idea to have certifications for OpenAI technology, I can’t see how it makes sense for OpenAI, apart maybe to exploit short-term revenue from people who will pay for the certification.

I’d be happy to hear how the above thinking might be flawed, I didn’t think about it too much.


welcome to the forum!

I think you’re right, good first post btw :heart:

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