YC event to help people interested in generative AI find co-founders

(this is a bit of a meta-post, but this category seemed the most relevant)

Y Combinator runs a service called co-founder matching where we help people find co-founders to start companies with.

Of course with the extraordinary recent advances from OpenAI, a ton of people have been pulled into the field and are interested in starting companies in the generative AI space.

If you’re interesting in starting a company doing something in generative AI, we’re hosting an event online this Saturday to help you meet other like-minded people that could turn into co-founders.

It’s free and open to everyone, you can sign up here:


Hi, the links take you to a sign-up page for Y-combinator co-founder matching, then you can fill out a profile, but there is no working link for simply registering for this event. I get a message “you can’t do that right now.” Thanks, Leslie

Hi Leslie - sorry about that, the flow is confusing and we’re going to fix the error message in the future.

The issue is that your Co-founder matching profile needs to be approved before you can RSVP for the event, and that’s a manual step right now. Once you get the email that your profile has been approved, you’ll be able to register for the event. Our human reviewers are busily reviewing profiles and usually approve in < 24 hours.

Thank you for asking so we could clarify for everyone!