Who's Joining Converge 2?

Hi everyone! I’m the founder of Lunarly, a cloud-based SaaS web app offering digital personalized insights. Developed as a one-man venture without writing a single line of code, Lunarly fully integrated with Chatgpt to provide unique spiritual and self-discovery services. Just launched last month, we’ve already welcomed over 3,000 users worldwide. I’m excited to apply for OpenAI’s Converge 2 and would love to connect with fellow innovators and entrepreneurs who are also participating.


The concept of digital personalized insights might not grab instant attention, especially when compared to big sectors like finance or healthcare. But that’s the challenge I’m excited about, to show that AI and especially Chatgpt can reshape any sphere. I’m moving away from the old ways of star-based methods and using AI to shake things up.

My aim? To provide guidance in life’s difficult moments through a third-view, AI-driven opinion. This new approach promises to help people make more thoughtful decisions, moving beyond astrology to something more grounded in today’s reality.

It’s a mission close to my heart – showing how AI can offer meaningful support in everyday life, and fully change understanding of a particular non-standart spheres, not just in niche sectors. Because that’s why AI and especially Chatgpt was inveted, to reshape and change our world for the better future.


Did you get an interview yet?

I think the converge 2 form is broken. We cannot submit our application. :frowning: