OpenAI DevDay conference - anybody going?


Is anybody going to the conference?

I wanted to for networking purpose - we’ve developed app to work with options trading. But my application didn’t go through :frowning:

Save everyone some clicking:

Registration is now closed

We are no longer accepting applications for in-person attendance

And it seems preposterous because there is no location, no events or timeline, no speakers. 10:00 AM PST keynote.

Are you going to fly in to get a 1 hour presentation on how to use functions? Shown a new plugin format you now have to program for anyway? A sales pitch on how you can increase the number of API calls you can make?

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My application didn’t go through either, and I use ChatGPT and the API quite heavily. Wonder what the criteria for selection was

I’ll be attending, I’ll keep you all updated as to the days events and even ask some questions on the forums members behalf.

There is a location, itinerary and speaker list, it’s just not public for security reasons I believe .


Get a selfie stick & a twitch account, I’ll be watching :laughing:


Will there be a chance that you can field a question from the community to any of the OpenAI’s technical staff during the breakout sessions?

Speculations from Reuters what announcements to expect

Reduction in cost, and stateful api (or that the model remember convo).

Interesting they mentioned that plug-ins are dead in the water. I had the same impression with plug-ins recently, tried to analyze long YouTube video and nothing could process it

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Oh my god. Memory? I’m very excited to see how this is implemented. I wonder if it will use the same algorithm ChatGPT uses? I wonder if it will be completely managed by OpenAI or if we will have some control over what is decided to retain.

Really hoping for Vision and Dall-E 3 API announcements. The opportunities… Ugh. I JUST finished a script that uses an OCR and then loads it into GPT. But, this potent combination just makes me salivate. Fine-tuning for Vision API? pls?

In/Outpainting for Dall-E 3 API as well. pls

So. Awesome. But my god. Everytime I build something OpenAI just knocks it outta
the water.

That’s me on the right.

All my money, and my left arm is on OpenAI in this race.

I’m not a very good reader, but where did they say this? I greatly dislike plugins. Mainly because of how much work is needed to maintain an app store, how many parasites will find ways to monetize it and bypass policies, then finally because if I want to run an API with GPT I want it on my application, not on ChatGPT.


@Falco should be there, I think a lot are still waiting for official confirmations, be sure to say hello :wave:


Logan replied to a tweet of mine and said I would have a blast, I think it’s going to be quite the day!

And for sure, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for Falco. It’s strange, I’ve done a hundred of these in the past but AI just feels different, it’s all new and I’m like a kid again.


On the website it says:

If you applied to attend during the registration window, you can expect to hear back from us by September 29.

Did anybody hear back and what did it say?
Just curious as rumors have been circling around this event since there is no further public info available.

I received an email titled You’re invited to OpenAI DevDay with a link to register my intention to attend.


If somebody can’t go, I would be happy to take over the “ticket”, for a good cause :wink:

nice idea, count me in, I’ll be watching as well :sweat_smile::wink:

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Anyone from the forums arriving today for the DevDay ?

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Whoever on the ground, tell us what’s the buzz :slight_smile:
I mean besides the announcements