WP Chatbot PRO with OpenAI for a Real Estate Agency Website

I hope I posted this into the right section

In recent months, we have been working with ChatGPT in our real estate agency for property descriptions, news, and more. We have taken a step further by integrating WP Chatbot PRO, and we want to connect it with OpenAI. However, it would be helpful to know where to start and what prompts to create.

The direction we would like the bot to follow is to interact with potential buyers/sellers, providing results exclusively from our website. This means studying our site and giving results based on that. Additionally, we want the basic functions already included in WP Chatbot PRO, such as collecting names, emails, and phone numbers, with menus for navigation.

Primarily, what we are looking for is to increase the interaction time of the client with the bot and to facilitate the search on our website. The bot should be able to operate in five different languages and guide clients to different products based on their criteria, ideally within a percentage margin above and below the price range.

I would appreciate guidance on how to develop this step-by-step. Thank you very much to the entire community.