Custom GPT Chatbot for a commercial construction company- HELP NEEDED!

I am new to the developer forum but have been using chat gpt for awhile. I was recently hired by a commercial construction company and have been working on creating a chatbot system for our website of our apartment complex. I am hoping to find some guidance on how a system like this would be created. We want to make a system that can chat with potential future residents. If anyone can help, let me know. We can provide payment upon assistance!

If you have existing Rest APIs that’s used by your website or mobile app then you might want to look at creating a Custom ChatGPT. And if you don’t then look at fine tuning where you provide ChatGPT with a list of questions and answers and it’ll create your own customized model that you can use in chatbot.

What kind of questions do you anticipate the chatbot will need to answer? General questions about amenities and complex? Detailed info about floorplans, prices, etc? Would it need to know about current availability of specific apartment units?

In general, you will use a mix of technologies for a user-facing chatbot, LLMs are not the cure-all. Depending on the specific use-case (transactional, support), and which external services it needs to connect to, it will be more or less complex.

At the very least, in addition to the generative layer, you will want to have a layer to better understand the user question (be that through embeddings with content, intent matching, sentiment, etc…), and another one to review the answer before sending it if you care about veracity or moderation.

If you’re interested on using external services, let me know or leave us a message at Integrait Home. We build custom assistants based off of our modular templates.