Will uploaded files be used for learning?


I uploaded a file using “v1 files”.
Is there any possibility that OpenAI could use the uploaded file for training?
I don’t want them to be used for training, as some of the files are only used internally in my company.

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They aren’t going to use your files for training. Your API interactions and content are safe from training.


Thank you for your response.
By the way, is that information available anywhere?

At the very bottom of the openai.com site, terms. Lots of policies to read.

Will the files be referenced in all API interactions with my account, for example if I build a simple GPT-4 bot with a gradio app in VSCode, will my docs or the content be accessible if prompted correctly?

If your chatbot is available to everyone, yes. It’s safe to assume that every single word and letter of all your documents are accessible. You can introduce another layer to prevent this if it contains sensitive data (metadata can play a big role here)

OpenAI does not use data submitted to and generated by our API to train OpenAI models or improve OpenAI’s service offering. In order to support the continuous improvement of our models, you can fill out this form to opt-in to share your data with us.


Much appreciated. Is it safe to assume these docs will also be available when using ChatGPT Plus or is that strictly for my models and API calls and not with ChatGPT in OpenAI’s form?

If we’re talking about ChatCompletion or Completions then no, they’re not.

If we are talking about Assistants then it’s hard to say. I don’t know if an API assistant is bi-directional with a ChatGPT Assistant / agent / GPT / whatever.

Time will tell. I have the same question!


Thanks for the feedback and swift replies. Best times to be alive IMO.

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Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum!

We never train on any API data. This includes files uploaded via v1/files, threads or messages created with the Assistants API, and any data you send to any of our API endpoints. Read our policy here: Enterprise privacy.

Assistants API is separate from ChatGPT and the two do not interact with each other in any way currently.

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Good to know. Thanks.

As this has a marked solution closing this topic.