Will the internet connectivity feature ever come to free chatgpt version?

There has been news recently about a new feature being tested that would allow chatgpt to connect to the internet to provide more accurate and up to date responses and compete with bard and bing ai. Since a lot of the good features seem to be reserved for the paid version, i wonder if this one will ever come to the free version.

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To get the latest info about ChatGPT when the ChatGPT page is open (https://chat.openai.com/) in the footer

is a link for ChatGPT version.

While it will not answer your question directly it will give you the same information that many of us have.

I know you are expecting someone from OpenAI to answer your question but that is probably not going to happen. The person most likely to answer your question would be Logan and he is more than busy with reviewing ChatGPT plugins.

For information provided by Logan see
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So like the rest of us, just be patient, and hope that it happens.

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Maybe eventually, but why not just use Bing?