It had been a long time since it's been updated

Hello there.
I am a beginner to the ChatGPT. The first response for an question about the AI had made me concerned. Is it been deprecated?

If I ask about Google Bard [the GPT’s competitor] then they begin with the term “As of my last knowledge update in January 2022…”

No complete halts confirmed… but it’s a very long time. Do you had a specific schedule to make me expectant to the new 2024-capable version of the ChatGPT3.5? It’s marked default for all Free users, and you had the duty to update it to an acceptable threshold knowing everything in the whole 2023.

If you limit your rookies to the last knowledge update of Jan. 2022, what would happens? Google can trespass you…

Hi and welcome to the forum!

While it’s certainly nice and convenient to ask an LLM about facts regarding the world, that’s quite a dangerous thing to do because of hallucinations.

Even gpt 4 has a training cutoff of April 2023.

We’re heading down a dangerous path if we start using LLMs as search engines!

I’ve never thought I’d say this, but have you considered using bing chat if you wanted to ask a model about the world?