Why was it made free and open to everyone?

If chatbot and its plugins were to be free, then why do we pay every month?New updates and add-ons are available to everyone. How is it different from the service provided to us subscribers?


My understanding is that paying users will get new updates first, and we can ask a lot more questions and perform more tasks than the non-subscribers.


Why was it made free?

  1. To fulfill their mission of making advanced AI available to everyone.
  2. To expand their reach and market share.
  3. To collect more data for training and fine-tuning.

Why pay?

  1. You get more access to the most advanced models
  2. You get earlier access to new features, like memory
  3. You can create your own custom GPTs

Custom GPTs can be created also by free users if I am not mistaken.

No, that’s on the paid plan.

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Then this is good for GPT creators, as they will get more users. Even though I must say I haven’t noticed any significant traffic changes (difficult to tell anyway given that the monitoring websites have stopped working) .