Will my plugin continue to work for existing users if I resubmit/update my manifest?

Hi everyone,

I can’t find a definitive answer on this. My situation:

  • I have a plugin which has been approved
  • People are using it
  • I want to update the ai-plugin.json

I don’t mind the plugin being delisted while the resubmission process happens, however what happens for existing users of the plugin?

Can existing users continue to access and use the plugin, or will they have to wait until it is re-approved?

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From what I’ve seen of other Plugin creators who have done this, your userbase will have to wait for the approval to happen, those who I’ve seen do this tend to keep their base informed of what’s happening to minimise friction.



Thanks for the reply. What does that mean in practice? Will the existing users still see the plugin as installed? Will it simply disappear? Or will requests fail with an error?

I’ve not had a plugin published so I’m not sure what the actual UX is for plugin users when that happens, hopefully someone with experience of it will comment, my guess is it will just not function for the duration.

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Does any one have an answer on this? Feels like an important thing for plugin developers to know, especially those of us who already have users!