Do I still need to go through the process of taking the plugin down in order to update the manifest?

Hello everyone, I’m the author of Pluginpedia. I’m currently planning to update the manifest file for Pluginpedia to support vectorized search matching and add a separate plugin recommendation feature after Pluginpedia completes normal conversation responses. These changes require modifications to the manifest file.

Will modifying the manifest file result in the plugin being taken down and going through the review process again? Is there a way for me to update the manifest file while allowing the old version of the plugin with the previous manifest file to remain available for download in the plugin marketplace until the new version is approved and goes live?

From what I’ve seen, yes it will be taken down while it is re-evaluated. I don’t know of any way to avoid this at the moment.

Yes, I strongly hope that OpenAI’s policy can be adjusted so that older versions of plugins can continue to function normally during the review period of new versions.

be cautions. mine was approved, then I updated it and it’s been almost 2 months since and they aren’t helping me at all. They just ignore messages for weeks at a time, and the responses are vague and seem to just be to buy them time to ignore me further. two months is way too long to be dealing with something like this. especially when the plugin was approved in just a few days before.