Any plans to keep plugins on the store during a resubmission any time soon?

I’ve been waiting to update my ai-plugin.json file because I don’t want my plugin to be taken off the store during the resubmission period. Are there any upcoming changes to keep plugins on the store while the changes are being evaluated?

For anyone that has done a resubmission, how long did it take?


Please, this is preventing us from shipping new features completely. We don’t want to have downtime if we can avoid it, but its impossible to avoid at this moment. @logankilpatrick any guidance on this?


As far as features, you can update the YAML file, just not the ai-plugin.json.

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This is a touchy subject, even in my own head but here’s how I see it:


That would require so much extra infrastructure and security. Additionally I think the submission and review process is DESIGNED to have some red tape and consequences to constantly shipping new updates to their users.

Users MUST reinstall plugins in order to update the manifest to a new version. If they don’t disrupt the users and force them to install a new version, I’ll end up with different versions for different users all over the place.

Those are what I see as the facts, now my opinion:

Suck it up.

I’ve resubmitted 3 times and it’s taken less than 24 hours each time. I always submit first thing Monday mornings.

Here’s the deal, you’re building on a very unstable platform and it’s your main responsibility to have your users understand that. You cannot have a plugin and not expect to have downtime for every new version.

That being said… for my last update, I built in a bunch of my future features into the ai-plugin manifest, but for each of those endpoints I had it return a response telling the user the feature wasn’t available to new users.

Then when it came time to add the feature, I just updated the openapi file, and the respective endpoints. Never changed my manifest, just took off the restriction message and served the intended content.