Will it be free to create GPTs for the "GPT App Store"?

Is it free to create GPTs with GPT API’s in their app store, or is it just free to create by chatting with GPT?

We want to bring our app Botsheets to the GPT app store, in addition to the lead generating chatbots we already enable for websites.

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From everything I’ve seen, the ability to publish external apps on the app store is not something coming in this first wave. I haven’t seen much concrete info released about any cost structures yet. More official info on that will hopefully be coming in the near future.

I am also curious about a revenue-sharing model where a custom GPT could be accessed via the API. In other words, an external app could be used that utilized the custom GPT to process requests. The end-user would have an API account, and part of their API fees would be shared to the GPT creator.

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I have experimented with that “external app” - aka Actions.

In the documentation of Actions there is stated that you can use any currently accepted plugin for that.

I tried to use actions by setting up a REST server (postman test works fine) but it doesn’t work.

Then made a plugin from that.

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Even changed the description so the word GPT won’t be used in it (otherwise a plugin won’t be accepted).

Then tried that and the plugin works but it is not usable as an endpoint - can’t find any log entries on the server, so ChatGPT didn’t even try.

Then I thought while I wait for my plugin to be accepted I try zapier (OpenAI and Zapier seem to have a closer cooperation).
And that works. Which I don’t really understand why, because this way you can just push anything to ChatPGT with a webhook in a zap - and that is strange since it is not allowed in usage policy .

However, it works. You can use Zapier for actions.

That means with this GPT: ChatGPT - Virtualdeborah I am redirecting requests from the GPT to telegram atm - but you can also add like project management tools, send a mail or push it to your own API until your own plugin gets accepted (I have no other use case for zapier really).

I want my own API to answer with a link and a token so the ChatGPT user can pay for the service… And I am quiet positive that it would work. I mean the GPT is just the normal GPT with some meta data and some custom instructions - so a preprompted normal ChatGPT window and with Actions it just adds Plugins… So it should work.

Otherwise, the GPT asks for an email and then why not send the user a quote for the service and handle the payment on an own website.

I think they are expecting that most of the GPTs will be free given they made the tools that anyone can use to create them for free without billing mechanics. Given that these GPTs will be accessible only behind a paywall, then that at least gives them the ability to share in that revenue. You see all of these people saying “Look what I created! Here is a link” but you need to be a paying subscriber to access it. I don’t think they plan to share any revenue generated from the API. That’s for developers to access and monetize their own apps outside of ChatGPT. The GPTs are solely intended to get people subscripted to GPT Plus.