Advantages for paid users

Now as GPT store is available for free users, what advatage do paid users have?
I’m subscribed user since the day it was available, but currently with free gpt4o (I use this rather than 4) I feel, there is no reason to keep paying for it.

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You get access to DALL-E, you get access to 80 messages every 3 hours with GPT-4o, which is a lot more than the 10-15 I believe free users get. You also get access to GPT-4, another 40 messages for this model, which some people have said is better than GPT-4o at some tasks. GPT-3.5 is way quicker. I noticed the difference immediately in speeds once I became a plus user. Free users get a little access to GPT-4o and GPT-3.5 at slow speeds, so even though they technically have the same model the difference is very noticeable when you switch.


Paid users are the only ones who will have access to the new voice mode (not the one currently available) with gpt-4o.

And hopefully a new shiny model soon if we’re lucky :eyes:

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Thank you. I didn’t know about the speed difference

Yup, I’m hoping the new voice model will be releasd soon <3
And also, I think there will be new model as well, as currently almost everything is accessible for free users (even tho with limitations)


how do i access gpt 4.0 for free?

Waiting for screen sharing here.

I know paid users have access to Memory, which is incredibly helpful for organizing dates and events related to legal proceedings that involve hundreds of events over decades. ChatGPT can even identify discrepancies in the Memory, which can be adjudicated. AI with Memory can raise the level of evidence in complex cases

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Imma Teams member. We tend to get early access to the things and haven’t had to face the usage limits for output. It’s pretty spiffy.

Even the limits on Plus users can be pretty frustrating.


Agreed, I have a teams and a Plus account but I almost never have to switch over.

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