Why plugin's based chatgpt is only chatgpt3 ,not chatgpt4 ,not even chatgpt3.5

Model: PluginsALPHA•

Enabled plugins:

what’s your version?


As an AI language model developed by OpenAI, I don’t have a specific version number like a traditional software application. Instead, I am part of the GPT-3 family of language models. My responses are generated based on patterns in the data on which I was trained. My training data includes text from a wide variety of sources, and my knowledge is current as of September 2021. Please note that I am not capable of self-updating, so any information I provide is based on what was available up to that date.

I think chatgpt3 is not enough to support complex solution, i am expecting upgrade to chatgpt4 for plugin development, is it in plan in near future?

I found it sounds that plugin based chatgpt version is not so intelligent as chatgpt3.5 after i made a lot of test cases. I really need a more intelligent version chatgpt, expecting official answer for future plan on this problem, that’s would be appreciated.

Thanks for Open AI team ,it’s updated to chatgpt4 now

It is GPT-3 family, which is the same as ChatGPT 3.5.

So far it feels like “ChatGPT 3.7”: a bit better than 3.5 in handling complex prompts but not as smart as 4.0.

That description feels apt.

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Model: Default (GPT-3.5)

what is your chatgpt version


As an AI language model, I don’t have a specific version number like software programs typically do. However, I was trained on the GPT-3.5 architecture, which was developed by OpenAI and released in 2021. My knowledge and abilities are continually being updated and improved by OpenAI, so I am constantly evolving and improving over time.

if you ask based on chatgpt3.5 , it will tell you 3.5 not 3,

if your ask based on chatgpt4 , it will tell you 4 not 3.5 or 3

so i think plugin is based on lower than 3.5

Thanks for Open AI team ,it’s updated to chatgpt4 now