Is the current plugin system limited to gpt4?


Is plugins for the gpt4 model only? Why not 3.5? Kinda impractical to have plugins but limited to 25msg/3hour because of gpt4.


I heard that the plugin had been using the 3.5 model before, but yesterday they switched to 4.0 and I would like them to provide an option to switch to 3.5 so I can test the plugin

This is a good point, I had the same thought. 3.5 should be able to use plugins

Well, I’m not sure it’s possible to do reliably. One issue with GPT3.5 is that it doesn’t consistently follow the requested format, whereas GPT4 is much better at adhering to it.

In the case of plugins, you might want to call a specific function with particular arguments, and the Language Model (LLM) should provide the required function, arguments, and plugin name.

However, GPT3.5 often doesn’t respond as expected. For example, when asked to answer strictly in JSON format, GPT3.5 might insert comments like, "Of course, I can send you a JSON… ‘json…’, instead of providing a clean JSON response without additional comments.

There is a need to switch to the 3.5 model just to test the plugin or making unit tests.

The Plugins are designed for simple functions, instead of using complicated logic and run heavily - imaging you got some private data, Plugin is just intended to be a bridge to enquiry those private data. I think it is not intended to be a heavy tool.