Why is ChatGPT suddenly using Bing Search to answer my questions instead of answering it itself

Yesterday I was debugging some code with ChatGPT and it suddenly started using browse mode to answer every chat I sent (even questions that arent searchable ie. why is this snippet of code doing this). Now it almost always defaults to browse mode when I just want a normal response. Is there a reason why ChatGPT is suddenly using browse mode to answer all my questions?

Do you have ChatGPT Plus?

If so using ChatGPT Classic does not start a search.


ChatGPT classic can be found by

  1. In left pane click image
  2. Scroll down to find

If there’s no ChatGPT Plus, you’ll find the AI’s ability to search the web is significantly impaired… :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s also something you can try - just turn on 3.5 as your new chat coding pal specialist.

GPT-3.5 has gotten better at code. The only foible is that it loves to make complete code instead of gpt-4-turbo’s omitting of code, so your snippet gets wrapped in imports and classes, variables and execution methods you didn’t give the AI. That’s probably what enables it to be more predictive in the middle.

It also tries, instead of telling you to go look up the information.