Why Don't I have access to DALL-E 3? Despite being a plus subscriber

I subscribed to ChatGPT Plus but I don’t have access to DALL-E 3? I am based in India, is that the reason why? or is there something that I need to do to get access to DALL-E 3?

Hi there and welcome to the Forum. Quick question: do you see the explore button in your ChatGPT Plus interface on the top left? If you do, when clicking on it, do you see DALL-E-3 under the section “Made by OpenAI”?

I only see DALL E as see in the attached image.

Please let me know what needs to be done to get to DALL E 3?

Hm. Right - I see the same. I guess I always just assumed that it is the latest available version. Perhaps someone else in the Forum can confirm?

DALL-E 3 is not a plugin. It is simply a mode that is built-in to the AI when you select the correct GPT-4 mode.

Click on the “GPT-4” selection at the top of the interface where you can choose which model is used, and see if you have multiple options in a drop down such as “advanced data analysis”. If there is no separate DALL-E option there, then you would just pick the main “GPT-4” option which should have the multi-application auto-selection, including image creation when you ask.

If that’s the case then why do multiple users on youtube clearly show that they have DALL-E 3? ANd when they use DALL-E 3 on ChatGPT it gives them 4 images where as I just get 2. And that too mediocre images akin to midjourney version 1.
Any suggestions?

ChatGPT has been reduced to two images, preferring one.

The only image creator that is built-in to ChatGPT is DALL-E 3. It doesn’t need exploring the plugin store, and plugins should be deactivated.

The quality and verification of DALL-E 3 can be seen in having it write some (English) text that will appear almost correct. DALL-E 2 attempts at writing text are an incomprehensible mess. DALL-E 2 also will do abstract impressionist artwork well, while DALL-E 3 looks more digital and modern.

Thank you so much. :slight_smile: So just to confirm though it doesn’t mention DALL E 3 it still is?

A subtle answer…


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