Why cant't I log in https://platform.openai.com/?

When I visit platform.openai, the status shows that I am not logged in (although my ChatGPT session is logged in). Then I click on ‘log in’ and proceed to sign in. After logging in, I am directly redirected to chat.openai. As a result, I am currently unable to view my API usage details

What browser? OS? Screenshot? More details will help us help you.

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If using Firefox, there’s been some long-standing issues that are still not completely resolved.

You can try this path to authenticate:

  1. Go to openai.com - the main OpenAI webpage
  2. In the upper menu, there will be a login option
  3. Click and authenticate there, and you will be taken to a selection screen
  4. Choose “API”, and that should hopefully take you to the account management

thank you. It works. Even though I use chrome :rofl:

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What have you done to make sign in impossible?

What have you done to make your problem clear?

This forum is just fellow users; we cannot break or fix the API site.