Why are Dall-e images in the inferior webp format?

So I have noticed this has been asked here several times and no moderators have bothered to comment on it so I don’t imagine I’m going to get any response from any of the moderators. But here goes.

Why on earth are images being generated in the webp format and not png or at the very least jpg? We are paying for something that crushes the absolute hell out of our images and the solution is we have to go out of our way to get it converted? I don’t know about anyone else’s workflow but mine has now been doubled in terms of time and effort.

Tiny file sizes. Resolutions so low that 2006 is jealous. And a content moderation filter that’s more overbearing than a helicopter parent with bipolar. What is going on?

Please calm down.
Even if a moderator responds, it won’t change anything.

I am calm? Why would you just chime in and tell me to calm down? lol

An answer would definitely change things. Silence is making me want to cancel my subscription. An answer might change that.

No announcement or justification has been provided for the change of presentation or download format.

One can only guess that OpenAI switched for bandwidth, latency, and storage reasons. You see the image presented to you faster. Consider that they seem to be keeping the images you made in ChatGPT around forever.

WebP has far less artifacts than JPEG, and can store parts or all of the image with lossless compression. I did a mathematical analysis of images I downloaded previously as PNG and the WebP they were replaced with, and the difference of subtracting them was pure blackness. JPG can’t do the same.

Moderators are not OpenAI employees, they just are users once picked to keep the chat here civil.

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