PNG format are now only available in WEBP format

I am asking you for help in an issue that has recently become quite a challenge for me. I noticed that system generated images that were previously available in PNG format are now only available in WEBP format. While I understand the advantages of the WEBP format, such as better compression and image quality, I encounter problems when trying to print these images or use them in programs that do not support this format.
Has this change been rolled out globally?


It’s happened to me also, just 10 hrs ago, I can’t download in PNG image.
It’s also happened to previous images.

Same here. I hope they revert it or make it optional.
in the meantime, I have installed “Save As JPEG” Chrome extension.
It’s a bit clumsy to work with, but at least I can proceed.

Poor ChatGPT was kept in the dark about the change to WebP, too: “As of my last update, specific platform policies or technical changes were not detailed regarding image format preferences or changes”.


I only realised recently too about the change a bit annoying having another step. I open them in good 'ol Paint and save them as PNG there. Paint also good for making the image bigger. I use Upscayl to make them bigger and improve the quality.

Just tried to generate an image and it refuses to give anything other than garbage WEBP formats. I cannot use these formats. We need PNG or JPG, please stop this DRM and watermarking garbage.

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Just randomly changed PNG to webp, an image format that virtually nobody works in and requires a conversion to something usable? what??

Meh, this is really lame… All Adobe software won’t support webp files… After 1000’s of errors I eventually found out there is an extension for this, which creates a: ‘save as png’ button after clicking on your right mouse button. I’m (how pathetic) not allowed to send the direct link here, but you can download it in the Chrome store :)…
**edit: if you’re experiencing an error: refresh (F5) your browser