DALL-E images downloading as WebP

I access DALL-E through the ChatGPT web interface, and suddenly images are downloading as lossy WebP images instead of lossless PNGs. Is this intended behaviour? If so, how do I get PNGs again?


Have the same issue…and when I asked for png file, after I clicked the download link provided, it showed ‘file can’t found’


I have the same issue. Last night was still ok. Now not anymore. All images render and download as webp.


same, that only started today. yesterday was able 2 download as png np


Same issue here, was fine yesterday but today all DALL·E GPT’s download images as .webp and then opens a separate browser tab with the same image

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Same issue,when i asked for png file , it says its png.but downloaded file is in the format webp😢

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After months of practicing with DALL-E, I just pulled the trigger two days ago on a slew of professional tools with the intention of using DALL-E to generate images for use making posters, mugs, t-shirts, and calendars. It was already iffy with DALL-E outputting at 72 DPI instead of professional standard 300 DPI, but now the image quality is completely useless. What the hell am I supposed to do now?


I thought I was the only one with this bug but it seems not.
I suppose they are going to fix this?

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Might not be a bug. It could be they’re just trying to reduce costs on bandwidth, making their tool useless for professional use. They might as well be giving us GIFs.


Could be, but I think strategically that would be a very bad business move which they will regret in the future, since it will leave a very big space to fill in for the competition. They didn’t announce anything so I guess it is an issue they will solve in the coming days.

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I got this too, That’s too bad, I just paid 1 week ago but got this issue.

I sure hope this is a bug. This just killed my workflow. :confused:


I stumbled upon this today. All of a sudden all images I ever generated, now or in the past, can only be saved as WebP, which most of the other software cannot handle. I hope this “feature” can be revered, or at least made optional.
My workaround was to install “Save as JPEG” Chrome extension, which is a bit clumsy to use, but at least I can get something.
Please, Open AI guys, revert back to PNG or JPEG.

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Yes, and this is not the only issue lately. I guess they want us to prepare for Gemini or something.

Fix it? Dedicating time to going in and breaking perfectly-working things is what OpenAI seems to do. Over and over.

Agile sprints to junkify with ensh@ttification points on production and then get forum likes for “we are working on fixing what we broke”.


The thing that frustrates me the most is that this is supposedly an OpenAI community forum, but they lack communication about what seems serious problems or changes in their structure.
I don’t think this is how you should treat paid subscribers and developers who rely on constant stability that is transparent and well communicated. I think they have this arrogance because there is no serious competition…yet.


They learned all the wrong lessons from M$. Once upon a time, M$ had 98% of the OS market. They were the 800 pound gorilla, so they treated their customers with contempt because they knew there was nothing else they could do. But as time went by, more and more people got fed up enough to bite the bullet and switch to *n?x. Today, M$ has just 60% of the market, and some people are predicting they’re going to leave the OS market entirely because they no longer have enough market share to turn a profit from it.

What this experience has told me is OpenAI isn’t trustworthy. I can’t afford to leave myself at their mercy, since they’ll force changes on us without warning or any way to object. Their enterprise clients get steak and we get whatever scraps fall from their table.


I have encountered the same issue, I need the png higher resolution.


Prompt: Sad-looking graph of tanking profits as angry users unsubscribe from AI platform due to only being able to save in WEBP.


Lack of response,