Who would pay $5/month for an AI tool like Eightify that summarizes YouTube videos?

Hey everyone!

I recently came across an AI tool called Eightify, which provides content summaries for YouTube videos. I’m curious about the target audience and potential users who would be willing to spend $5 per month for this service.

If you have any thoughts on the types of users or specific use cases that would benefit from this tool, I’d love to hear them. For example:

  1. What kind of users would be most likely to subscribe to a service like this?
  2. Are there any industries, professions, or hobbies that could particularly benefit from video summaries?
  3. Can you think of any scenarios where having quick and concise video summaries would be really helpful?

Your insights and opinions will be greatly appreciated! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.




I believe I can provide some answers to those questions, as I am the founder of Eightify. I would be more than happy to share this information with you, but I’m curious to know the reason behind your interest in these answers.

I believe i can help you here:

There’s already a very similar post on the forum about your tool

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There are several tools that do this now including swellai, shownotes.io (mine) and podsqueeze. Though they also handle audio files too. Typically a podcaster would use the tool to generate shownotes for their podcast and related marketing assets like a landing page or a blog post from the transcript. This helps make it more accessible and reach more people.

Hi ax8080!
Thank you for your response! I greatly appreciate your insights and expertise as the founder of Eightify. I am genuinely impressed by the work you have done with your tool.

To provide some context, I am a developer based in mainland China. Due to certain restrictions, many websites outside mainland China are inaccessible to Chinese users, including popular platforms like YouTube. Moreover, OpenAI services are not available in mainland China, and most AI services, including Eightify, cannot be paid for using credit or bank cards from this region. This creates significant inconvenience for users in mainland China who are interested in utilizing AI tools.

Recognizing the potential of your tool, Eightify, I am considering developing a similar tool that utilizes OpenAI’s API specifically for video sites commonly used by Chinese users, such as bilibili.com. However, I am unsure about the level of interest users would have in such a tool and how they would utilize it. I am genuinely curious and interested to learn more about this aspect.

Once again, thank you for your insights, and I am flattered to have the opportunity to engage with you on this topic. Your expertise and guidance would be highly valued as I explore the possibilities of developing a tool that caters to the needs of Chinese users.

Hey, there are plenty of free extensions and AI tools that provide youtube summaries. I’m using one of them and I rarely can finish my daily queries which they provide. You can also try Merlin by Foyer