Summarize youtube videos with just one click

I got tired of youtubers clickbaiting and not getting to the point in their videos so they can get more ad revenue.

So I created a web app where it summarizes youtube videos in 10 bullet point sentences just by inputting the url.

Soon I will add the ability to summarize podcasts and zoom meetings

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that is super cool! how did you build this? I wanted to build something similar where it is analyzing a bunch of pitch videos according to a specific rubric

There’s been a few of these posted recently. They are using the YouTube captions to get the text for the video and then feeding that into ChatGPT.

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One thing to be aware of is that using the official YouTube data APIs to get transcripts is pretty much impossible at any scale (more than 10 or so videos). The data APIs have quotas on them and for some reason getting a transcript uses up a lot of quota “points”.

So most people will be bypassing the API and hitting the website to get the transcripts. Works for now - but could break if YouTube decides to make it harder.

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Hello! Is it still working? I’ve tried to use it, but have 200 status code from the server with failed response :sweat_smile:

I couldn’t find a tool to do this so I ended up building one myself (visit ParsePrompt [dot] ai).

In short, it uses AssemblyAI to generate a transcript, which you can then pass into an OpenAI prompt (of course you can customize this). With the 128k context window it’s really easy to summarize long videos.

I made it so you can run bulk jobs and it even has a Zapier integration so you can save the output in thousands of apps.

I ran a 1700 video job for a local non-profit and it processed everything in a couple hours.