Random responses, I was prompted to create RPS.. Anyone else get these?

Just getting in to basic API calls to open a chat dialog. I pass the AI’s name and my name so we properly identify who is who in the conversation.

Sometimes the API will respond with a reasonable answer other times it will call the user Sophie, or even sometimes talk to it’s self in it’s own response. Sometimes arguing with it’s self using different names.

Lately I’ve been getting responses in Chinese, when translated it would call the user lazy… un motivated. In Chinese.

The icing on the cage was when it started giving me code snippets. All in probably 50 lines of code over 15 messages. I could tell it was Rock Paper Scissors. I’ve never played a game with the AI, I’ve never even mentioned it. This wasn’t coming from previous conversation history.

So I asked GPT to review the code and to finish building the app, now I play RPS with the AI.

I am, using GPT-3.5-Turbo but most of the responses came from text-…002 and 003