Is there a definitive list of all GPTs on the store?

When I listened to the November OpenAI keynote, I assumed that the launching of the GPT store meant that there would be a way to get a list of every GPT out there but I haven’t been able to find a list anywhere. Has anyone found a way to do this/knows if OpenAI allows you to do this? I feel like it’s very limiting for there to be a small top charts section and not have a complete list. When plugins were being demo-ed, I loved that you could see every published plugin.

I also would love to see a better (official) way to explore GPTs. Like at least a continuous scroll in categories, or better search functionality. My experience has been that search only returns a dozen or so options making the millions of available GPTs difficult to discover.

It’s possible that the Store was rushed out as an MVP or is low priority. I’m hopeful that it will evolve soon.

I am not aware of a feature to simply ‘list all’.
Considering that there are 3,000,000 GPTs overall and from those maybe several 10K in the store it would be a hideously long list.

Experience from the Google search results pages tell us that the number of people who are willing to look past the top 10 is already exceedingly low. So, I don’t expect this is a feature with a high priority.

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