Discover all GPTs with this simple site search

If you want the most efficient way to search all the awesome GPTs being created by the community, you can simply do a site search


Here is an image which shows this

This returns a dynamic list as the new GPTs are being created and indexed by search engines.


You can also do a couple of variants here to find more info, like

  1. To find GPTs of a particular category, do site search and add category name at the end, like


site: "startup"

  1. If you want to find out all the GPTs where the developer have not exposed their name, just do a site search and add “by community builder”.


site: "by community builder"


But it cannot get all the result return by google search…
Do you have other methods to find all the public GPTs?

When researching GPTs, consider using ChatGPT to streamline your search. You can request information by specific categories. For example, try asking: "Can you find the top 5 latest developments in GPT technology related to healthcare, finance, and education : link example (site: “medical”) ChatGPT will use its browser tool to search for information in these distinct categories, providing a concise summary and relevant links for each.

This approach helps in getting targeted information efficiently, without the need to sift through a myriad of Google search results.

Look there for example:

Did you know that you could even build a GPTs model that specializes in this kind of categorized search? With some simple work on specifying categories, you could train a GPTs to fetch and organize information based on specific areas like healthcare, finance, education, and more.

This way, you can have a customized GPT model that directly serves your unique information needs, making your searches even more efficient and tailored to your interests.

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