Criteria for getting Custom GPT accepted to the OpenAI GPT Marketplace

Hi there! This is my first question in the community - I did some searching and couldn’t find information on this topic, so hopefully it hasn’t been answered.

I just created my first Custom GPT, called PriceGPT, and when I was creating it, it said that it may be added to OpenAI’s GPT Marketplace.

My questions are:

  1. Is there anything I can do to increase the likelihood of it getting added to the GPT marketplace?
  2. What criteria are considered by OpenAI when evaluating Custom GPTs?

Thanks in advance to anyone for contributing!


Custom GTP, or GPTs for short is in beta at the moment, they have a ton of work before they open the marketplace. They need to add infra for payments and payouts, T&Cs, tax info, security, privacy, and most importantly, GPT-4 needs to perform as fast or better than GPT-3.5 to be any useful. So, these guys are moving fast, but they have tons to do yet


According to their last information about it, the GPT store should be released by the end of the month. As for payments, there will be no direct payments through the ‘store’ itself. Its more of a App Gallery. However they did specify that there is a sort of Revenue Sharing depending on how often your GPT is used.


I had a feeling it’d be released soon based on how fast they’ve been moving - in a way they are providing advertising to the GPT apps by adding them to the store, so we’ll see if its based on some sort of quality metrics, usage metrics, or “pay-to-play” for who gets added to it / shows up first

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Great questions @mjwarren3 - I was curious myself. So I had ChatGPT review the transcript from Sam Altman’s presentation at DevDay, and a few articles on the store. Here is the response to your questions.

A. The GPT Store will be launched in November 2023
B. You (anyone) can list a GPT in the store
C. They will feature the “best” and “most popular” GPTs
D. They will pay people who build the “most used and most useful” GPTs a portion of their revenue.

Given all this I think the thing you can do to increase the likelihood of getting is simply increasing the “chat” metric in MyGPTs.

For example, my GPTs have so far:
Full Stack Developer - 27
Product Support - 6
GPT Search Engine - 2

I am trying to determine what that metric means exactly and understand other metrics that indicate what is “best”, “most popular/used”, “most useful”. I will be spinning up a new thread around that.

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This is great, thanks @cass will mark your answer as a solution

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They said in a blog post that the store would be rolling out “later this month.”

Later is fast approaching my friends! Let’s keep improving our GPTs and have a wild launch! We are all in at the first phase of the new ‘app’ store in my reckoning, which gives anyone thats here right now a HUGE advantage of visibility and use. Update your stack to use the Assistants API as well and understand how to tie multiple assistants to threads. That will take care of enterprise applications, wheras the GPT store will take care of end users.

And of course, lets keep sharing all of this incredible feedback and creative momentum!


Until the time of official launch, you can list the app in the public store here which already has 800+ stars on Github

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I didn’t see any criteria yet but they postponed the GPT marketplace launch.
I’ll be happy to know if anyone saw criteria for getting accepted to the marketplace.

“In terms of what’s next, we are now planning to launch the GPT Store early next year. While we had expected to release it this month, a few unexpected things have been keeping us busy”

No word yet. I think the two things that you can focus on for now are.

  1. driving up daily visits to your GPT and making the list of top 1000 most popular

  2. driving up your chat counts

I would assume they want to feature GPTs that show repeat use from people consistent improvement.

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