Where to ask for GPT-4-128k?

Where to ask for GPT-4-128k early access?

Boring details:

Our project works with US regulations.
121k docs in total, and out of 121k doc, the 5k docs are for immediate processing (urgent).
Some of the regs are pretty long, longer than 8k tokens, available in GPT4 API.
To handle long regs we tried different algorithms to split the docs, but with every split the context of 2+ reg section gets lost and processing accuracy degrades.

Badly need 128k tokens GPT4.

Update 1hr later:

  • I’ve got it. Testing …
  • Just needed some patience. :slight_smile: )


  • GPT4 120k needs adjustments (see screenshot below);
  • Looks like the bug is already reported, no need to bother OpenAI Dev team;
  • Waiting for a fix.

It should be available to all paying developers so I assume they are releasing it to everyone today. You just need to exercise some patience.

Per this blog post:

We’ll begin rolling out new features to OpenAI customers starting at 1pm PT today.


Just got access - testing it out now! :fire: Really looking forward to trying out the assistants API as well!

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Does anyone know when these models will be available within the Azure OpenAI deployments?

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I am also interested in when these will be available on Azure OpenAI

I’ve got it!
Thanks OpenAI Team.
Testing …


Via API the new 1106 model reports a knowledge cut-off of Jan 2022

Via ChatGPT Plus: Apr 2023

Why? This is not in line with the API models doc…

Exactly what happened - I got access 1hr later.

Hmm, still lacking 128k access… been more than 12 hours.