Gpt 4 model - gpt-4-32k not working

is gpt-4-32k up and running? i have been approved for use. but the system isnt generating output for gpt-4-32k
for gpt-4 it is working.

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You do not have 32k context access, I just checked.


ok thank you for the fast response and for checking, i see that the release date hasnt been posted yet. at least according to other users. i can just check back at later times to see

HOW can i apply for gpt-4 api?thanks

Hi @logankilpatrick I also have GPT-4 API access but don’t have access to GPT-4-32k. Is there a way to apply for access? I really would love to start working with larger datasets and I’m starting to get limited with the token limit with GPT-4.

Ah I see that it is not available yet. @logankilpatrick Nevermind thanks!