Can I access Gpt-4 32k version?

In open Api playground at right side we can only see 8k variant

For my work purpose I need 32k variant of gpt-4 api access. How can I access this or how to apply for the 32k Variant.

Here I get gpt 3.5 turbo 16 k But I eagerly need gpt-4 32k.

Is it a brand new account? You might have to wait a bit.

You can reach out to to try to get access sooner.

Good luck.

32k context is quite simply stated as not available to any further OpenAI developers at this time.

The avenue you need to pursue is to get a Microsoft Azure account and then apply for Azure OpenAI services access for your application.

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And god it would take forever to answer… Honestly, I’d rather have gpt-3.5-turbo-64k then gpt-4-32k

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This Account is almost 2 months old so you can assume it as a new account.

Any more news on this?
I really need a GPT4 model with larger token-capacity on the response-end as the 128k has a max response-amount of 4096 tokens.

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