Where is a good place to discuss the use of ChatGPT for formal reasoning?

Is this a good place?

And, is there any interest from the community at large in formal reasoning?

I am developing a system that allows you to take output from ChatGPT pretty much verbatim and verify it. I would particularly like to know if the OpenAI developers themselves have any interest in this kind of work.

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If you don’t mind a little reading then go to the September 2023 part of my homepage. I cannot link to it here but it is available by way of my profile. You don’t have to read it all or watch the videos, just the half dozen paragraphs from ‘Update:’ onwards.

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Just post whatever you want people to read here.

Okay, thank you. Is there an acceptable way to get around not being able to post direct links here? It seems all I can do is allude to my homepage and hope that people go to my profile to find it.

Okay, I will put some thought into some separate posts. There is no elevator pitch, I am afraid. The posts might be somewhat lengthy.

The content is not too difficult to find on my website, by the way. Just expand the ‘September 2023 - Occam’s soft launch’ in the ‘Previous’ section and read from the ‘Update:’ paragraph onwards. Or you can wait for me to post here, most likely early next week now.

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Please stop pitching your website.

If you want us to read what you’ve written, you go to your website and press these keys,


Then come back here and press,