Looking for a place for AI Safety Discussion?

I’m new here and I wonder if there is a good place to discuss AI Safety around here? I have some thoughts and ideas I’d like to share…

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You can discuss general AI topics in the “community” category to which this topic is assigned. You will mainly be talking to other API developer users on this forum, and mostly ones who came here temporarily after experiencing some service issues.

Thank you! This seems to be mostly ChatGPT related and not very much about AGI. I find it a bit weird… An important topic like this should be much more present - at the very least have its very own Category.
Anyway thank you for explaining :slight_smile:

This was originally supposed to be a developer forum :rofl:

But I’d encourage you to post your topic! Speaking for myself, I’d very much welcome more of these posts!

I know for a fact that some people here are working on AGI attempts, but it’s almost a little of a taboo topic for a variety of reasons. If it gets talked about in technical terms, it’s in a round about way.

If you don’t wanna post it here you can try the alignment forum (just google that), but I’d guess this place here would be more forgiving

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