chatGPT as a computer programmer

I want to teach chaGPT to be able to get requirements, and produce a code. According to the OOD principles, a safe and efficient code.
Also produce unit testing for each class and function.
Then perform the tests with all the use cases, and with many different inputs.
Test the output, find the bugs, and fix them.
I want this ability also for UI code, and tests. (second phase)
The chat will be able to write such code in many languages, and also write specific platform code for the libraries it produces.
The chat will also be able to write cross platform code, and write classes for specific platform implementations.
Who can I contact in Open AI regarding this vision?

Have curriculum vitae with publications.

I will be glad to cooperate with your researchers on this. Joining an Organisation is not for me.

This forum is not regularly staffed by OpenAI. You’ll find fellow users of services here.

Besides consuming OpenAI products, there aren’t many avenues to encourage new product development. This forum’s “feature request” section is an echo chamber.

Programs I can think of, such as evals or red-teaming, are basically crowdsourcing only small bits of knowledge to refine model training.

ChatGPT, especially, is a consumer product.

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