Where do i find the phone number associated with my chatgpt account?

i’m trying to upgrade to Plus, but i’m not receving the text to my mobile. last 2 digits are correct, so I assume it has the wrong country code. how do I find the phone number associated with my account?

More importantly: you can’t change the phone number associated with an OpenAI account, if that’s the end goal. Do you have four other mobiles and don’t know which one to check, or is the concern that the phone number is correct and the SMS is not being received.

If the phone number (where you would have received a confirmation at one point) is not put in correctly in the OpenAI service, then there should be no prohibition on you opening another account with a different email address and the phone number input in a working manner - it should be seen as unique.

how do i open a new account and transfer all of my threads to date? and will a new account allow me to use the same email address?

really, i just want to see what the phone number is currently recorded as, so I can work out my mistake. Where on earth can I see that in my account?

You can see the phone number nowhere within the user interface that I know of. You’ll likely need to send a message to OpenAI staff through the help assistant in the lower right of help.openai.com.

However, the ultimate problem remains: they won’t change it either. The last digits look right so we know in general we are talking about your phone and not your friend’s. You need to get a SMS text message for confirmation (and signup should have required that also).

So the solution seems to be another account, which can’t have the same email (but if you signed up through one of the authorization services like Google, Microsoft, Apple, you could instead try the email version of that, and vice-versa.) Or you could wait another day, just in case the SMS service they use was not working right.

The conversation can be exported, into a data format that is not easily read. However, there is no importing into a new account feature.