Where can I find the Sentiment Analysis API? Is there a document available for me to view?

We are the company from Chinese mainland, can we inquire some information as follows:

  1. Are OpenAI’s commercial products (APIs or SDKs) open to Chinese mainland companies? Is it fully open or limited?
  2. Can Chinese mainland companies pay for API access traffic charge only in the name of the company? Can I pay for API access traffic charge on behalf of my company? Can I only pay in USD?
  3. Are the two products of Sentiment Analysis API and Entity Recognition API currently open and accessed? Would it be possible to provide me with more development documentation and detailed pricing (including prepaid packages).
  4. According to the public information on the official website, can I understand it this way: GPT-4’s API interface call products need to become WAITING LIST first, and then queue up to wait for the review notice? While Chat GPT only needs to be registered to obtain the API key to interface call development (including paying fees)?

You should be able to find this information in the terms and conditions / usage policy of ChatGPT.