Using OpenAI for business in China/Hong Kong

Hi! I’m Jackson. I have a question about using the API for business in China or Hong Kong area.

As I am currently testing the API service and planning for potential use cases, I was wondering:

  1. As an entity registered in Hong Kong, do we have rightful access to the API services and apply them for business purposes? (Both China and Hong Kong are not on the list of supported countries/areas, )

  2. Presumably, if we were to build an application using the API, would there be any risk of any law violation or against any regulation? Does this abide by the technology-related export laws and regulations in the States?

Look forward to any response or suggestion. Thanks!

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i’m looking forward to any response, either

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Welcome to the community.

This would likely be a question for support.

Good luck!

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@jacksonj I have the same question. Have you found any answer now?

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I am curious about this too, any update?

I read from newspaper that HK’s HKUST bought chatgpt (i guess 3.5) for their school.

Others show me that MS HK do sold azure AI to HK business.

recently bill gates visited beijing, and our… sorry “your” king asked him to bring AI to china.

MS has say on OpenAI right?

maybe can connect with Taiwan.
透過台灣取得 API 通訊後再拋轉可行嗎 ?