Where can I find GPT-4o? I can't seem to find it anywhere

I solved! With a new account.

Somehow in my old account I only got [GPT-3.5 & GPT-4] models however hard I try to land from reference links through many sources

I think somehow the role out didn’t apply to the existing users. And because of this non-paid users may pay & try GPT-plus. Nice trick!

But the new interface is this

I signed up as a new user and bam!
:heart: from India!

What kind of scam is this? Look at this conversation with chatgpt:

seriously, they made a lot of marketing about chatgpt4o. Now you are telling me that chatgpt4o isn't official. WTF?



Gezocht op 4 sites

There is indeed a version called "GPT-4o" from OpenAI, which might have caused the confusion. GPT-4o, often referred to as GPT-4 Turbo, is an optimized version of GPT-4, designed to be faster and more cost-effective. It offers higher message limits and is available under various subscription plans, including Free, Plus, Team, and Enterprise options​ ([OpenAI](https://openai.com/product/gpt-4/))​​ ([OpenAI Platform](https://platform.openai.com/docs/models/chatgpt#:~:text=URL%3A%20https%3A%2F%2Fplatform,100))​​ ([OpenAI](https://openai.com/chatgpt/pricing/))​.

If you are encountering issues or confusion about accessing GPT-4o, it might be related to specific plan restrictions or limitations on its availability within your current subscription. Upgrading to a higher plan like Plus or Team can provide expanded access and additional features, including higher message limits and more advanced tools​ ([OpenAI](https://openai.com/chatgpt/pricing/))​.

If you have more specific questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask!

I am absolutely furious! After all their marketing hype, the supposedly revolutionary ChatGPT4 app is only available for a tiny fraction of users on Mac Silicon? What were they thinking? This is a blatant bait-and-switch!

People are shelling out $20 for an app they can’t even fully utilize. Where’s the ChatGPT4 option they promised? Is this some kind of cruel joke?

Get a grip, folks! You’re playing with people’s money and expectations here. If your app isn’t compatible with most devices, be upfront about it before people waste their hard-earned cash.

We demand a clear explanation and immediate action. Either offer full refunds to those who can’t use the advertised features, or release a wider compatible version of the app ASAP. This is outrageous!

additional info:
This is an absolute farce! The promised access to ChatGPT4o through the playground only teases the functionality with a fleeting glimpse of a “4.o” version before it vanishes. What kind of cruel trickery is this?


i think your getting confused! The new chat is chatgpt . com and switch top left on the drop down from 3.5 to 4o. The things your talking about sound like the API section which is a separate area that allows you to connect to openAI (chatgbt parent). Its like saying your complaining about 365 to view documents but your on azure portal :wink: (365 sits on azure)

Same here. I’m on Plus, have 4o in chat but not in playground. 4 used to be there but now it’s gone too

Yeah the way they worded it I think was intentional to get people to pay before they’ve released it to others. Seems like a good way to get more money knowing people would assume based on what they were saying, that they’d likely have access with a paid subscription.
Since then I’ve read that now they’re saying something like “We’ve only made it available to very limited, trusted users”…obviously the millions of people paying them for the past 2 years aren’t “trusted” enough.