When will OpenAI lift the ban on GitHub

I have been using GitHub extensively along with ChatGPT in the first web access that was quickly stopped… but I quickly realized when it was reactivated that it was not the same… I understand that maybe some people don’t want their open source code to be scavenged in order to train an AI Agent or other similar models… But I think it’s not the same thing as for browsing GitHub and…

I think that some people will invent some sort of reasons but hey we can just download the code and then just use the file or copy and paste the code into the chat so it is exactly the same for the safety aspect and other things like such. So it is not possible to upload as a zip because it will be able to look only at the 500 first characters and not the entire file… I think this is super annoying

I have been able to have access to all the information in my monorepo by only asking (without even giving the URL) this made me have some tears I feel like I have been under water all that time and now can breath again thanks a million time to all the team at OpenAI

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