ChatGPT have access to GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket?

I spent a few hours involved with ChatGPT, following guidelines provided by him to give him access as a collaborator so he could help improve a certain code.
So I gave up, because he contradicts himself several times.
Question: Can ChatGPT collaborate on a GitHub repository? If so, where can I find information for this? Directly with ChatGPT the information did not work.

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Can I trust that the AI is telling me the truth?

ChatGPT is not connected to the internet, and it can occasionally produce incorrect answers. It has limited knowledge of world and events after 2021 and may also occasionally produce harmful instructions or biased content.

We’d recommend checking whether responses from the model are accurate or not. If you find an answer is incorrect, please provide that feedback by using the “Thumbs Down” button.

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I built a tool to do this! It’s called GitGab, see

I am also going through so many issues with ChatGPT and the decision of OpenAI to block the access to any repository… I don’t like that idea of « security concerns » being a real reason since we can copy and paste the code into the conversation and it would be the same security concerns… we can upload a repo using a zip file and then ask the code interpreter to unzip it… so I don’t think OpenAI is candid enough about the reason behind the block… Some people have said it was just so we pay for GitHub Copilot and again it seems unlikely to me… I hope more people will complain about it so that we can finally get a response from OpenAI either a true explanation or a fix that would lead us to have full or partial access…

I must say that it is very frustrating because I do believe OpenAI could be able to explain the reasons behind their actions instead of always having the mentality of everything is very secret and Opaque (you are not Apple)

Have you tried using another developer platform for sharing code?
Maybe it’s just a GitHub specific issue, as you suspect and you may be right, but there should be ways around such a restriction.

Just an idea though, that may help you get back up to speed.

Everything is on GitHub and I don’t want to have to take the time to manually copy anything to make use of ChatGPT it just doesn’t make sense that it is blanket blocking the entire GitHub ecosystem and community… I think OpenAI are just too lazy to make it fit their needs and they just don’t care about the fact that it doesn’t make sense to block everything one GitHub… (we will have AGI soon so who cares they said) I don’t want to have to upload a zip file for asking one question about something… most of the time (50%) it will accept to use the raw GitHub but it will refuse to infer the import and browse an other page and it is unclear if it’s a desired behaviour for OpenAI or a bug that could be fixed…

I would love to say that I am unhappy and I quit but I have a workflow (and a lifestyle) that is dependent on my ability to access ChatGPT so for now it is not possible for me to get rid off OpenAI but I dream of that day when everyone will have a better option and everyone will leave OpenAI so maybe that day they will get proactive in making sure that they offer a good service not just a service that we depend upon