ChatGPT don’t have access to my GitHub public repository or access to external websites

I would love to get back the feature where ChatGPT can access my public and open sourced repository so that it would be easier for me to get help on my code… Screenshots , copy/pasting, and sharing files alone is not as easy as how I developed my work flow with the old version of ChatGPT browsing capabilities I am currently unable to browse at all because ChatGPT categorically refuses to help me with something that he technically can do and he is telling me something like this:

I can’t directly access external websites or platforms, including GitHub, even for public and open source repositories. However, I can certainly help review your code if you share specific parts of it here! You can paste the code you’d like reviewed, and I can offer advice on improvements, bug identification, best practices, and more.

ChatGPT-4o gave me the full detail of my complicate monorepo and I did not even have provided the URL… I am genuinely emotive of how this have unfolded I am still very emotive and feel relived from a ton of brick that where on my shoulders all that time…

I will be happy to explore my code base and see how this new model without the 5 (as in cGPT-5 or cGPT-4.5)

I am signing off this rant which was honestly one of the most frustrating things in my life (yes I am privileged enough to have to deal with that level of problems as the top most problematic things in my life among other less trivial things)

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