When will GPT models be classified in a logical way? (GPT Store Categories)

Is there nothing more to life than:
Research and Analysis

Don’t people sometime go out of their lab or bedroom, and go:
Movie watching
Art admiring
Food loving
Music listening
Literature reading
Philosophy questioning
Friends meeting
Conversation carrying
Pet walking
Landscape admiring
(stop me here)

When is Open AI going to offer all the categories of the yellow pages and more ?
and how about a real search engine for all these wonderful GPTs that have been created recently ?


Excluding shopping and driving here, how much of this list can an LLM actually assist in?

If you want recommendation algorithms for things like this, isn’t that what social media has been designed for? A language model can’t just grow legs and start walking a dog all of a sudden.

I am very confused.

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This topic concerns the limited category choices available when publishing a GPT that has been created in ChatGPT plus to everyone so that it can appear in store search results.


The category does not appear in search results with a list of GPTs matching keywords, nor can it be filtered in search results.

The only value seems to be if the GPT is in the limited and exclusive “trending” or “featured” main view.

The store GPT view could certainly be improved, perhaps with unique category pages that have extensive and more random results instead of by usage that rewards social media link spammers and the GPT’s very appearance in the main list previously.

The only easy change is adding a new category, and then the gold rush of switching to it.

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Ah, I see now. Thanks for the clarification.

Yeah, there’s a lot about the GPT store that could use a bit of a facelift.