Ranking of top 500 GPTs by # conversations


This is the official data sourced from chat.openai.com - see how its done here: Custom GPTs — Only ~300 gets used out of 65K+ | by Gary Song | Dec, 2023 | Medium

GL all to the upcoming GPT store launch!


Very cool. Nice find. I’m confused why people are using a GPT model with a halved limit that’s… Just… Vanilla GPT? :thinking:

I’m a bit underwhelmed by the listing. Some cool ideas in there though

How does this site scrape OpenAI and pull these stats?

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If there are, apparently, at the moment only a few hundred thousand chatgpt plus subscribers then I dont fully understand these numbers, unless they are used many times by a smaller population.

this blog explains how its done.

These numbers are by number of conversations, not unique users.


cool, and found a top 1000 gpts, https://www.gptsapp.io/trending-gpts/top-1000-gpts-ranked

The law of 2/8 is obvious, top is so high…