When subscription comes to the UK, UK grammar

The only thing i’ve noticed is the grammar/language and spellings are more naturally US based with ‘z’ for ‘s’ (although z is becoming more common here). Comma’s after the word ‘and’ quite a lot. Whilst it’s free i can change things but once subscription is here it would be nice if it is for a UK market. I’ve tried putting create text for a UK audience and it still ignored it.


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Not just UK grammar but also the style of write is very ‘US’ and although it may be subtle sometimes we just wouldn’t word a sentence in the way it does.

I find that it’s a little too liberal lefty and ‘instagrammy’ in its text as well. Needs some more variety, certainly if it’s paid for. At the moment the only reason I’d pay is, as you mention, if the UK version was in UK speak and grammar.

You can simply add the prompt "Use UK English for grammar and spelling."

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This didn’t work for me. Any other options?

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What is the prompt you are using?

Sorry I should have explained a little bit more, the prompting is fine, I meant that if I add the prompt in the settings to try and always get a response in UK spelling, under custom instructions.