Getting responses in correct regional English spelling (i.e. British/Australian not American)

How do I best coach for responses in correct regional English. I’ve tried prompt engineering but it drifts back to American spelling. When generating return content this is pretty jarring to users to see “color”, “favor”, “summarize” instead of “colour”, “favour” and “summarise”.

Can you share the system prompt you’re using?

Maybe use examples like colour and flavour, etc in the system prompt?

Welcome to the forum, btw.

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Welcome to the forum!

As mentioned, showing us your prompt can help us figure out why it’s unable to reproduce a specific variety of English.

As someone with a strong linguistics background, I can tell you that it can produce what you’re asking for, fairly easily in fact. You just need to specify what linguistic variety of English you’re aiming for, with a few other adjustments, but we can handle that when we see the prompt.

These LLMs love clear, detailed, and concise vocabulary. The true, scientific, linguistic vocabulary term for what you’re looking for is genuinely called a “variety” of English. Not dialect, not accent. Specifying linguistic varieties allows it to generate an output pretty accurately from my experience. This is because there’s a lot of empirical, peer-reviewed data the AI has likely been trained on about varieties of English.

This would also be a great addition to specify in a potential GPT builder application btw.