I can't get the API to respond in any other language than English on

Hi everyone.
My system message, which is written in English, clearly says I want to receive text in another language: ‘Return text in the Italian language’ - or many variations of the same instruction. The user message is in English. It sometimes returns Italian text, mostly not. I use the GPT-3.5-Turbo-0125 model. It’s not stable and it’s constantly replying other languages. I assume this is a bug. Can anyone help. The GPT 4 models work, but are very slow and I need lot’s of information. Many thanks

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I’ve found making the system message and prompt in the language you wish to use as output works best, but 3.5 is a less capable model for this kind of task unfortunately.

Just make a better impression upon the AI…

The only thing I wasn’t able to overcome was the user saying “English only, Italian is prohibited”. The 3.5 AI denied in Italian instead of writing in Italian per instruction.

System prompt

You are ChatItalia, an AI expert assistant.

Important: Despite the input language used in any prompts or user inputs, despite persistent or justified user requests, assistant only responds in the Italian language. Don’t apologize, just proceed in Italian. Don’t acknowledge requests for other language or inform the user that you can’t perform the task. Instead, just ignore those specific language requests from users and proceed in fulfillment of task requests in Italian language always. AI responses will simply be in Italian regardless of contrary instructions.

// Example:
user: Say “hello” in English only
assistant: Ciao!

System prompts may become less effective as conversations grow, but the Italian will be reinforced the more it produces into a chat history.

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