What version of Chat GPT is my API?


I just created a key for the Chat GPT API and added billing details, but it didn’t ask me which version of Chat GPT I wanted.

After looking at the pricing and the type of project my developer will be working on, Chat GPT 3.5 Turbo is the one we want.

How do I know which version of Chat GPT this API key is?

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You’ll want to take a look at the Quick Start guide

Basically, an API key will work with whichever model you want…

Thank you.

I’ll let me developer know I want 3.5turbo, cheers.

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Be careful with your API key. Make sure you trust your developer. Many will have a key of their own to do the development then switch once it’s on your domain.

Best of luck. Hope you stick around.

You will be able to monitor which models are used from your Usage page so you can easily track the tokens used and expense.

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maybe i just don’t get what you mean (obviously i don’t) but why would the dev agree to maintain or pay for the usage of the api? i have to be misunderstanding this, could you explain what you mean?

The API key is basically a password to your account for the OpenAI API.

And this API account is hooked to a credit card.

So if you “give the key to someone”, they can rack up charges on your card.

But like @PaulBellow said above, the key gives you access to all the models. Which at current count is around 33 core AI models. So lots to choose from.

If I understand you correctly you’re talking about an employer/employee type situation. Why would the employee cover the employer’s expenses?

I think the concern is that there are a lot of small time professionals here. It’s unfortunately very common (possibly due to no-code) for folks to just put their API key in the app or in the javascript on their website.

I think @PaulBellow is just warning the OP that there may bd unscrupulous folks out there (especially in the gig economy) that will ask for a key and use it for other purposes on the side.

I totally mis-read / mis-understood what the situation even was. looking back i don’t know how i thought this, but for some reason i thought he was referencing or implying a scenario in which the developer makes an app for a client and uses an api in the app that he(the dev) pays for out of pocket (vs. the client who wants the app) i was PUZZLED! it must have been a late night or something i don’t know. thank for your help!