What’s the advantage of using OpenAI API’s in our Apps


I wonder are the ChatGPT useful to use in our Apps ? I mean people can go directly to the ChatGBT app and ask it what’s the benefit to embed it in myApp ?


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Good question. I can tell you that there is a massive demand to include Chat GPT in many apps and this is almost always done via API.
Imagine you have your office suite for writing, your graphics program, your IDE or whatever app that requires focus to use and focus to get the results you need.
If we can skip the part of copy pasting info from that app into the Chat GPT web interface life is a lot more simple and convenient, allowing the user to stay focussed while leveraging GPT for whatever they are doing right now. It makes sense if you consider that it implies talking with the model about the topics that are referring to what you are actually doing, right now.

“We” want GPT inside the apps we are using because it is convenient and helps focus on the task at hand.



Thanks allot for the replay I can see the perspective now. so to embed the API’s in my App how the pricing will be calculated ?

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In short: every time you send text to the API the text will be split into so-called tokens. The model will then reply with a response and the response is also measured in tokens.

From the documentation:

Multiple models, each with different capabilities and price points. Prices are per 1,000 tokens. You can think of tokens as pieces of words, where 1,000 tokens is about 750 words. This paragraph is 35 tokens.

For 1000 tokens in and out respectively you pay a price according to this pricing page:

But, you know, just get an account, an API key and play around with the examples here:

It’s fun, inspiring and this forum is definitely a good place to ask for help.

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Great, thanks allot, the website and everything in OpenAI is nice and minimalist !

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Now the bills is it directed to the developer of the App or the users of of App ?

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As the developer, you’ll be using your API key, so you will be billed and need to pass that cost on to your customers…

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