What other engine models are available for the Dalle-2 API endpoint?

What other model names are available for use when calling the Dalle-2 API image generation endpoint besides image-alpha-001? Also, how do they differ? If there is a document on this subject I would appreciate it.

                model: "image-alpha-001",
                prompt: prompt,
                n: 1, // Number of images to generate.  The limit is 10.
                size: "1024x1024",

I have the same exact question and did not want to open another thread.

Anyone, please.

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I really hope they release the API for Dalle-2.5. The samples I’ve seen on Twitter are light years better than ones currently available via Dalle-2. They’re finally giving Midjourney a good run for the money and Midjourney does not have an API.


If you want to use Dall-e2.5 you can use in microsoft designer they integrated with **

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